Sandbach School South Africa Sports, Culture & Township Tour-2025

Sandbach School are raising funds to send the boys rugby team to the South Africa on a Sports Tour. 

Sports tours to South Africa provide the perfect blend of stunning scenery, gorgeous beaches, intriguing culture, and a high quality sports environment. South Africa has an abundance of excellent sports facilities, and high quality local opposition keen to provide the ultimate test in Sport.

South Africa delivers a cultural experience like no other, giving students the opportunity to explore the rich history the Rainbow Nation has to offer, including the abolishment of apartheid as well as urban township areas.

Townships are a significant part of South African culture and history, and a tour is one of the best ways to experience the country through the perspective of native South Africans. In addition to the cultural awakening you are sure to gain from seeing these urban areas, many township tours give directly back to the community, so the experience helps to improve the living conditions among many township citizens.