Safe Heart Onlus

Safe Heart Onlus was founded in 2013 by an initiative of four cardiac surgeons of Milan's Monzino Hospital with the aim of offering a greater life expectancy for children and young adults with heart disease in developing countries. The nonprofit association is founded on the principle that recognizes health as a fundamental human right, as stated in its statute, "We believe that the right of every human being to health is inalienable, and that everyone must have access to quality medical-surgical care".

The team of cardiac surgeons organizes and participates in humanitarian missions in the countries of Haiti, Syria and Burkina Faso, animated by a spirit of international solidarity towards the war-torn and poverty-stricken populations and realizes interventions in the field of cardiovascular diseases, also training personnel "on spot".

To date, the Association's commitment is focused on the realization of the project "A heart for Burkina." The aims of the project are many: to perform a surgical screening on the adult and pediatric population for the treatment of post-infective and rheumatic origin, congenital cardiopathies and dilated cardiomyopathies; create a bridge with Europe by finding centers willing to treat for free children and young adults who can not support a cardiac surgery on site; realize a real surgical-cardiac pole in Ouagadougou, Burkina's capital, where, currently, there is no structure suitable for surgeries.



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