Mainz 05 Hilft E.V.

The call to assume more social responsibility, which can be heard in many places these days, is by no means new. The initiators of "Mainz 05 hilft e.v." decided back in 2010 not to let this call go unheard, but to take action. They decided to find a framework in which social commitment and requests for help could be linked to the association. The answer to this requirement profile was found quite quickly - it was and still is called "Mainz 05 hilft e.v." The purpose of the association is to provide quick and unbureaucratic help for people in need in the region and has been doing so for many years now.

At special charity events and on the fringes of numerous other events, the association solicits support and collects donations through various campaigns. In addition, there are generous financial contributions from the sponsoring circle of various partner companies who feel committed to the good cause. Since the association was founded, it has been able to acquire well over one million euros in donations and disburse them to needy people, social projects, and institutions in the region in accordance with its statutes.