Fighting for the environment for over 40 years. 

It was 1980, when we began working to defend the environment. Since then, we have become the most widespread environmental association in Italy fighting the climate crisis, pollution and eco-mafia; we are well grounded organization in the territories, side by side with the people who are our beating heart.

Together, we work for the protection and enhancement of nature and environment, natural resources, animal and plant species. Today, we are fighting for an ecological conversion of the economy, promoting sustainable lifestyles, which can guarantee collective health against all forms of pollution.

We work to protect the historical, artistic and cultural heritage, the territories and the landscape. From the very beginning, the scientific environmentalism has been the distinctive feature of the association, which led the organization to realize every single project or action following a solid scientific base. The scientific environmentalism has, in fact, a key role to define workable alternatives and feasible paths. The scientific approach, combined with a constant work to inform and aware, is what we share with hundreds of members, clubs and volunteers. A synergy which, by the years, made us successful in many battles and which can produce a real changing in the Country.