Fondazione Laureus Italia

Since 2005, Laureus Italia has been developing and supporting numerous projects aimed at minors living in situations of severe socio-economic deprivation, helping them to feel part of a community. The Foundation collaborates with more than 70 territorial realities and involves over 30 Ambassadors, sports champions and more. In addition to supporting minors in difficulty, the Laureus Italia Foundation also caters to coaches, educators and teachers through training courses.

The Laureus Foundation, in fact, uses sport as a tool for the inclusion and contrast of educational poverty to accompany minors in their growth path. The activities take place in the outskirts of Italian cities including Milan, Rome, Genoa, Naples, Catania, Palermo and Turin and involve and support over 3000 children in the practice of 20 different sports activities, including football, basketball, surfing, judo and many others.