La Gotita Onlus

La Gotita Onlus was founded in 2010 by nine friends who dedicate their free time, energy and skills to children and adolescents living in difficult situations.

The association takes its name from a community hosting orphans, abandoned and mistreated children with its headquarters in Oruro, Bolivia. The community's name is Gota de Leche (drop of milk in Spanish), and is known by everyone as La Gotita


Over the years we have funded projects of various dimensions for the community: the building of a playground, creation of a study room and play room for children. As well as the replacement of the roof and electrical system, and a school cafeteria. 

Since the beginning of 2011, through the Pasitos Project we've been financing continuous physiological, psychological and pedagogical support activities for children with handicaps living in difficult economic and social conditions.


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