Fondazione IEO-MONZINO

The IEO-MONZINO Foundation is the only one that exclusively and directly supports the clinical and experimental research of the European Institute of Oncology and the Monzino Cardiology Center: for almost 30 years, its goal has been to identify the best treatments and support innovative projects through a virtuoso that allows, in total transparency and without waste, to make available to patients what researchers discover in the laboratory.

Research funding is confirmed to be strategic for the work of the doctors and scientists who work at the IEO and Monzino, so that the progress and results achieved in the laboratory can be quickly transformed into more personalized treatments, and translate into increasingly effective diagnostic systems .

The priority commitment of the IEO-MONZINO Foundation is therefore to further strengthen fundraising so as to make precious resources available in support of the research of excellence carried out by IEO and Monzino and to allow its work to continue and over the medium/long term.