Hellas Verona per #aiutiAMOverona

Hellas Verona is taking action to support health services in Verona.

We’re talking about the heroes in the fight against the coronavirus. Those who fight to help the infected and save as many lives as possible. While we’re locked up at home to avoid getting infected, they are on the front line in hospitals where they risk contracting the disease themselves. It’s not enough to applaud the doctors, nurses, healthcare personnel and all those who put their safety in jeopardy to protect us and our children. We have to do something concrete.

This is why Hellas Verona has decided to take action, together with Athesis group, the Arena, Telearena, RadioVerona, the Municipality of Verona and the Veronese Community Foundation, to kick off an extraordinary fundraising campaign in support of Verona healthcare facilities.

These healthcare facilities are facing a dramatic and unexpected emergency and are in desperate need of supplies: from masks to screening tests, gloves and respirators as well as new intensive care stations. We’re asking all the citizens of Verona, from the valleys to the city, to lend a hand.

Every contribution is important, from the smallest donation to larger amounts from those can afford to offer more. We promise not a single penny will be wasted.

We will immediately channel the economic resources into the purchase of items that are most urgently needed and in short supply in hospitals.

So please put your hand on your heart, time is running out.