Fondazione Piemontese per la Ricerca sul Cancro ONLUS

The Piedmontese Foundation for Cancer Research was born 37 years ago with a single objective: to create, in Piedmont, an oncology center of excellence where research activities coexist with treatment ones, to allow patients to benefit from the best resources human and technological resources available. And at the base of all this, a one-of-a-kind model: the person at the center. The Candiolo Institute, in fact, was created by people for people.

The Candiolo Institute - IRCCS is the only Italian cancer research and treatment center created exclusively through the support of private donors, open and accessible to all. It is also the first "Scientific Hospitalization and Treatment Institute" in Piedmont, recognized by the Ministry of Health. It began its activity in 1996 and has been in constant development since then: today it covers 56,500 m2, of which around 10 thousand are dedicated to research and around 800 people work there, including doctors, Italian and international researchers, nurses, administrative staff and technicians , which constitute its extraordinary human heritage.

In 2021 the Foundation launched the "Cantiere Candiolo", an expansion plan aimed at creating new spaces dedicated to research and care, available to doctors, researchers, and above all to patients and people close to them. Today the Candiolo Institute - IRCCS is preparing to grow further to achieve new results, with the aim of treating more and more people and always better.