Fondazione Pangea Onlus

Fondazione Pangea Onlus is a nonprofit organization which has worked since 2002 to promote the social and economic development of women and their families through education, education to human rights, sanitary and reproductive education, professional training, the creation of activities which generate income and micro finance.

In our opinion, every woman is a multiplier of well-being in the society she lives in, the main element of a social and solidarity net.

Being a woman often means being a victim of unstable political situations, religious laws and social prejudice. 

Being a woman often means having no rights at all.

That's why we want to be supportive to women. We want to help them building their future in poor countries. We picture a world where women are not abused or discriminated, where they are the protagonists of their lives and destiny, a world where they can take part in their family and community decisions just like men do.