Fondazione Città della Speranza Onlus

The Foundation works on several fronts to prevent and defeat pediatric diseases and at the same time guarantee the best diagnosis, treatment and assistance for young patients.


The only weapon to defeat pediatric diseases and bring the maximum number of children to recovery is research. For this reason, in addition to funding research projects screened by our scientific committee, in 2012 we created the Pediatric Research Institute (IRP).
The Institute hosts 160 researchers and adopts a unique multidisciplinary approach. It also cooperates with university hospitals and national and international research institutes; provides students and researchers with high-level training in pediatric research; promotes innovation and technology transfer, and facilitates dialogue with the public through conferences and educational activities.


Every year we invest 750,000 euros in advanced diagnostics by financing the Pediatric Oncohematology Clinic of the Hospital - University of Padua. The progress and discoveries made over the decades now make this center a national reference point for the diagnosis of leukemia, lymphomas and sarcomas recognized by the Italian Association of Pediatric Hemato-Oncology (AIEOP). Here, samples from all over Italy are analyzed every day: in this way every child in our country receives a certain diagnosis and can be treated according to the best protocols with the most innovative therapies.


Cancer disease is a tough event. We want to be at the side of the patient and his family to try to alleviate as much as possible the physical and psychological fatigue. We provide the best accommodation facilities for patients and take care of providing school and play materials for children. We support the psycho-oncology service offered in the ward, in the transplant section and in the day hospital of the Padua Clinic to follow the sick child and his relatives during the therapies and after, when the process of readjustment to daily life begins.


Science is a value of society, so we believe it should be accessible to everyone. We undertake, together with the Pediatric Research Institute, to organize events with the aim of promoting quality scientific communication aimed at the general public, creating an opportunity for discussion with experts in various fields in the scientific field.