Creative Ladder

Co-founded by actor/business owner Ryan Reynolds, entrepreneur Dionna Dorsey and veteran Adweek journalist David Griner, The Creative Ladder is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to making creative careers more accessible and inclusive. Our mission is to connect, elevate, and inspire an inclusive new generation of creative industry leaders, specifically in marketing and advertising. We develop programs, events, and curricula to attack both the opportunity deficit and the awareness gap. By reaching everyone from high school students to mid-career professionals, The Creative Ladder makes young people more aware of the existence of these incredible careers and creates opportunities and access for networking and mentoring that would otherwise be unavailable with generous support from industry partners.

The Creative Ladder envisions a future where our organization is no longer necessary. We want to make creative industry jobs more accurately reflect the diverse demographics of the United States. When we succeed, we will have built and fostered a diverse community that lifts while climbing. This diverse community will be able to support each other and lead a bold new creative industry far into the future.


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