Care to Action Onlus-ONG

CARE TO ACTION is an Italian non-governmental organization that operates in India to support children, women and vulnerable and marginalized communities. It was founded in 1991 and since then over 22,500 Indian children have had access to education.

Today it operates in the urban suburbs and in the rural and tribal areas of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, two of the poorest states in India, carrying out projects to support children and young people excluded from school, in support of women's emancipation and working with marginalized communities, for economic or caste reasons, providing services and the renovation of meeting spaces, for sustainable economic and social development.
“The light of women” is the most heartfelt event of CARE TO ACTION, an opportunity to promote greater awareness of the problems that the female gender in India has to face every day, to raise funds to support the projects of the rights NGO of women and to celebrate the progress already made by girls and women supported by CARE TO ACTION.

Women, especially in India, are often underestimated and underrepresented, but their contribution is invaluable. They are mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and leaders, and their impact on the lives of those around them is enormous. This is why CARE TO ACTION, thanks to its donors and through the projects it carries out, supports the female gender by supporting education, awareness of their rights and economic independence. For CARE TO ACTION, supporting female empowerment is a fundamental objective to build a more just and sustainable society.