CADMI - Casa di Accoglienza delle Donne Maltrattate

CADMI - Casa di Accoglienza delle Donne Maltrattate (Shelter for Abused Women)

The Home for Battered Women in Milan (CADMI) is a place for listening, relating and support, the first anti-violence center in Italy, since 1986 a point of reference for women who suffer physical, psychological, sexual, economic violence.

Since 1986, CADMI has supported over 37,000 women and, with the opening of the first secret house in 1991, there were over 800 hospitality projects for women in danger.

For years CADMI has intervened with awareness and training meetings in schools, companies and institutions, and in every context of civil expression to raise awareness, work on prevention and achieve the cultural and social change necessary to combat violence male against women.