Associazione SOS Randagi

The association "S.O.S RANDAGI BRESCIA," founded in October 2000, is a nonprofit association born from the common passion of several people who decided to put themselves on the front lines to help those who cannot defend themselves.

From May 1, 2001 to December 11, 2011, the "S.O.S. Randagi" Association carried out its work at the facility located in Orzinuovi. S.O.S. Randagi is in fact also known as the Orzinuovi Kennels.

Instead, since December 2011 it has been running the facility on Via Girelli in Brescia.

The Association is increasingly committed to doing awareness and information campaigns towards the population, through ads and articles in newspapers.

We also organize information points (our stalls) present in the territory of the province of Brescia. Each dog or cat of the S.O.S. Strays Association, no matter how much they are loved and pampered by the operators, needs to find their own home, a real home and a human family, who will pamper and care for them, making them forget the melancholy of the kennel/cattery.

The Brescia shelter kennel has thus become, thanks to these associative premises, a real hub of services to the public, accompanying adopters step by step in embarking on this beautiful adventure, through services of post-adoption educational courses, pre-adoptive grooming and informative seminars open to the public.