RFK Human Rights Italia

The Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Italia (RFK Italia) has been operating for more than 15 years. The objective of the association is to involve and inspire the conscience of individuals in the fight for human rights, raising awareness in the community about the abuses taking place in the world. There are countless concrete commitments implemented:

One of the main activities is human rights education. From 2008 to today it has trained more than 500,000 Italian students and 2,011 teachers thanks also to Law 92/2019 which provided for the inclusion of civic education. Thus, since 2020 RFK Italia has launched "CivicAttiva: civic education at school. Stories, values and faces" an online course aimed at school teachers of all levels that addressed various topics with a transversal approach. The fight against bullying and cyberbullying is also an important commitment for the Association.

RFK Human Rights Italia also proposes, through the Bobby's Dream project, long-term strategies to be adopted in the second phase of welcoming migrants. It supports the implementation of real and responsible projects, which favor the process of integrating vulnerable people into the world of work. It promotes initiatives with the aim of establishing an effective dialogue between institutions, the business community and NGOs.

Faced with the Covid-19 emergency which has affected the entire country since February 2020 and, following the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, RFK Italia felt the strong need to make itself even more available to the community by giving life to the Community project. The International House, located in Florence, consists of 12 rooms and hosted Red Cross healthcare personnel from May 2020 to June 2021 and, following the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Ukrainian refugees.