RFK Human Rights Italia

The Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Italia, established in Italy in 2004, works on human rights education and advocacy programs.
Education, Inclusion, Sustainability and Community are the areas of intervention in which RFK Human Rights Italy operates.
RFK Italy was founded with the aim of carrying forward the moral legacy of Senator Robert Francis Kennedy in the field of awareness of human, civil and political rights with projects that allow each individual to be an active part of change, at school, in the family, in the company and in the community.

RFKI is a training body recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education for its activities for teachers.
The areas of training range from sustainability, civic education, bullying and cyber bullying, gender-related violence to migration. In 2020 RFK Italy started to implement civic education courses for teachers and students.

RFK Italia in response to the Afghanistan Crises and in collaboration with the University of Florence, is hosting 8 Afghan students who are studying and living safely in Florence.
RFK Italia together with Colors for Peace have managed to send already 17 trucks of humanitarian aid to the Polish and Romanian borders since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Also, RFKI together with the Italian Red Cross is hosting 9 Ukrainian refugees at its facilities in Florence.

Bobby’s Dream, as a result of RFKI’s engagement in the COVID19 crisis, is a program which aims to help refugees and people in need (former prisoners; homeless; unoccupied people) to find a job and to start a new life in Italy (and Europe) and set in collaboration with National NGOs, Universities and research centers, has been focused on the support of social support and inclusion and health assistance.