We all Love Superheroes. The Symbols Rooted in our Collective Imagination

From comics to the big screen: superhero culture is a global phenomenon

Is there anyone who isn’t familiar with superheroes? They possess extraordinary skills, they have tons of courage and they wear iconic costumes. They can be found in comics and they smash box office records all over the world. Superheroes have a way of capturing the imagination of young and old audiences. On the one hand, they embody the myths which we use to explore our potential, on the other they star in stories that allow us to banish our fears. 

Gods, Heroes and Superheroes

Since the begnining of time, our culture has been fascinated by figures deemed to have extraordinary gifts, those capable of achieving epic feats. Humanity has always looked to gods and heroes to answer questions that can’t be answered by rational thinking. Anything inexplicable must have a magical or divine cause. This is how legends came about, metaphysical tales that provided a new way of thinking that focused on the imagination.
Along with the gods, heroes appeared, individuals who possessed extraordinary gifts and could act as a mediator between gods and people. These heroes belonged to humanity and felt closer than the gods. But this idea of ​​humanity collapsed after the First World War. There was despair and misery everywhere, driving people to desperately seek for a glimmer of hope. Gods and heroes were no longer enough because the war had exposed the fact that there can be evil in anyone.
In this setting superheroes were born in the 1930s. Batman and Superman embody the values ​​of good and justice, exactly what humanity was desperately in need of at that time. Unlike heroes, superheroes are depicted without a perfect set weapons, armor or virtues. Instead they are characterized by superpowers, costumes and real humanity that drives their action.

Explaining the Popularity of Superheroes

Since the 1930s, many new superheroes have broken onto the scene: from animal superheroes such as Spider-Man and Black Panther to the Avengers, right up to today's superheroes who are increasing frequently called on when the “end” is nigh. Down the years, the hopes and fears of humanity have been recounted by superheroes and their enemies.

Since the 1990s, superhero figures been coming together to fight evil. The question that arises is why join forces if the superheroes are already powerful alone. This choice was made to avoid the idea that an ever more powerful humanity might lead an individual to fall back on evil to grasp power for himself.

Superheroes on the Big Screen

Superheroes made their movie debut when Marvel and DC Comics decided to adapt comics to the big screen. Right from the start, the genre featuring action, fantasy and adventure storylines and sci-fi elements has enjoyed large-scale global success. Cinema has taken superhero culture to an incalculable number of people.

Most superhero movies are adapted from comics. But recently msny films have been released starring original characters with storylines specially created for the silver screen. Fans of the genre have the chance to win giclee and canvas artworks of superheroes from some of the most famous films and comics in history at auction. Some are created by acclaimed illustrators and artists, others have been signed by the actors who star in the roles on the big screen. In addition, when you take part in the auctions you will be contributing to the Harry's Heroes and Stephen Dennis foundation fundraising campaigns, respectively committed to supporting children in need and helping people battling with serious diseases.