Barilla & Mikaela Shiffrin: greatness always starts with a great recipe

Barilla's surprise for Mikaela Shiffrin after becoming the most awarded female skier ever

On March 11, 2023, at the Aare Special Slalom, Mikaela Shiffrin celebrated her 87th career victory, making her the female skier with the most Alpine World Cup victories of all time.

Together with Barilla, Mikaela’s official partner, CharityStars had the opportunity to celebrate this record-breaking achievement by supporting the launch of a limited edition pack which was auctioned on our platform.

The 87th victory

Mikaela’s victory marks an achievement she has had her sights on for over 10 years. Through it all, Barilla, by the American skier’s side since 2011, has shared in her victories, achievements and important values, such as family and a passion for greatness.

And as greatness always starts with a great recipe, Barilla decided to design a new limited edition package with pasta in the shape of "8" and "7”, to celebrate this great achievement and the relationship between the brand and Mikaela over the past 12 years.

Mikaela Shiffrin with the limited edition pasta package celebrating her victory
Mikaela Shiffrin with the limited edition pasta package celebrating her victory

Auction campaign on CharityStars 

Barilla produced 87 limited edition packages of pasta, 86 of which were signed by Mikaela and sold on our platform. Only the first package wasn’t part of the auction, but a gift by Barilla to Mikaela.

Proceeds from sales went to support of Food for Soul - a non-profit organization founded by chef Massimo Bottura to promote social awareness on the topics of food wastage and hunger.


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