American Football. The Most Popular Sport in the US

Deeply rooted in the country’s culture, American football brings fans together from the across the world, sweeping them up in a real party atmosphere

Over the years, football has evolved to become an integral part of the country’s culture. Its international popularity has grown and the National Football League - the largest and longest-running professional football league in the US - is one of the most watched sporting events globally. While the passion for the sport is relatively new to Europeans and the rest of the world, American football has been the beating heart of sports culture for over 150 years in the United States.

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American Football is a Cultural Phenomenon

American football is not just a sporting competition, it’s a full-fledged spectacle. It’s a great form of entertainment that draws millions of spectators every year. In the United States no other sport has the same appeal as football. Twenty-two athletes get into position, the attack waits for the quarterback's signal and, when it comes, the real excitement unfolds.

The fans get swept up in the tackles, runs and the receptions, glued to every moment of carefully studied, calculated and executed play. In America, football is a true cultural phenomenon: not only is it the most watched and loved sport in the USA, it’s also the one that’s played the most in high schools and colleges.

Football Season is a Social Event

In the United States, football’s popularity and its cultural importance can be traced back when matches are played with NFL games being held in fall and winter, on holidays and national holidays. Americans meet up with other family members to enjoy the holidays and watch football. In addition, games are only played once a week, making football matches a real event.

American football is not only a phenomenon that’s rich in culture and traditions, first and foremost it’s entertainment. It’s an experience that exists because of the fans, a weekly event that brings them together, resulting in a party atmosphere in the stands of the stadium and at barbeques in the garden. The entertainment is on pitch but off pitch, too, with people getting together to eat, listen to music, dance and sing. There may be rivalry, as with all fans, but they all share a love for this special sport.

Collectible memorabilia

American footbal, requires players on the field to wear a variety of equipment, making it the perfect sport for collectors. Many football fans are avid collectors of memorabilia from their favorite team. These pieces of memorabilia are regarded as highly prized collectibles, particularly when they’re signed by players, coaches or team owners.

Balls, helmets, jerseys, shoes and trading cards are just some of the itmes that are popular among football fans looking for new items as keepsakes from achievements of some of the great NFL teams. If you’re looking to add to your collection with some unique and original items belonging to the collective sports imagination, then you have the chance to take home t-shirts and trading cards signed by some of the greatest NFL champions, including Joe Montana, Bo Jackson and Russell Wilson.