2022 San Patrignano Auction

San Patrignano Community

San Patrignano is Europe's largest recovery community for people with addiction problems and is home to more than 1,000 young men and women. For all of them and for their families, the path to recovery is completely free of charge.

Since 1978, San Patrignano has welcomed more than 26,000 people, offering them a home, health and legal assistance, the opportunity to study, learn a job and fully reintegrate into society at the end of the recovery path.

According to a research conducted by the University of Bologna, 72% of the young people who successfully finish the path do not relapse into drug addiction.

In addition to this, the Community has long been engaged in addiction prevention projects, through which it meets more than 40,000 students every year.

Vocational training at San Patrignano

Learning a profession is a great opportunity offered by San Patrignano to its guests. Through daily work, each person can face his or her limitations, discover or rediscover his or her potential, and in this way mature.

Each guest of the community, after an initial phase, can choose his or her vocational path. During the chosen training, each person first learns to commit himself or herself seriously and consistently, thus rediscovering self-esteem and confidence in his or her own abilities.

There are more than thirty training opportunities, many of them created thanks to the help of artisans and professionals.

The Craft Workshops

Love for beauty and craftsmanship are the basis of the daily commitment within the craft sectors. Whether it's weaving, leather goods, wallpapering, carpentry or ironwork, here the guests of San Patrignano discover the secrets of ancient crafts, learning to pay attention to detail, creating furniture and design and fashion accessories that are truly unique pieces

The Kennel

Sanpa Dogs is San Patrignano's kennel. Here the guest of the community are engaged in the rescue of abandoned dogs or of dogs that have experienced stories of violence. Thanks also to many training courses, they learn how to take care of them, trying to make them trust people again and socialize with other dogs. An activity that is also a fundamental recovery tool for people on their path, who thus return to openness and empowerment.

The agri-food activities

Many guests of San Patrignano are engaged in agribusiness activities, which include dairy, bakery and butchery. Here they can learn the secrets of breadmaking, cheesemaking or meat processing, with attention to  tradition and seasonality. Activities that require unique care and dedication, which they learn through many training courses, leading them to specialize and professionalize in trades that are increasingly in demand.

The Cellar

The cellar is a sector that has always been present in the community: in the winery, the guests of San Patrignano learn all the secrets of making high-quality wines. Throughout the year, each of them participates in the cultivation of the vineyards, harvesting and processing of grapes. Activities accompany the succession of seasons, and people learn the main concepts of oenology and the most important secrets of the winery.

San Patrignano for collectors

To win one of the auction lots made by the guests of the community has a twofold significance. First, it is a recognition of their personal commitment to the path of recovery and the professionalism they have acquired.

In addition, the sale of each product contributes in a fundamental way to the livelihood of the community, which has always been free of charghe for every person on the path.

Sustenance today is challenged by the incredible increase in energy costs, which particularly puts at risk the continuation of the training paths.

Participating in the auction means guaranteeing a future for the hundreds of young people who every year ask the community for help.