When Art Meets Charity

December 15th 2016
When Art Meets Charity

In 1918, Pablo Picasso picked up a pencil and started sketching. He could have never imagined that almost 100 years later, that drawing would be auctioned for 120,000 pounds, nor that it could help hundreds of women and children in need.   

The artwork was sold at the Global Gift Gala held in London in 2015 along with other unique art pieces, increasing exponentially the amount raised for the charity.

Art, indeed, is one of the most involved industries when we talk about charity. Thousands of artists and galleries partner every year with the charities they care about, donating their works for a good cause. 

And it’s not only about art pieces. There were many successful cases of art-related experiences, like having  a portrait made by a famous contemporary artist, a photo shoot from a renowned photographer, and a private visit to an art exhibition with the museum curator. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to art lovers making their dreams come true while supporting a great cause.