CharityStars Raises Over €200,000 To Support Italian Earthquake Victims

December 13th 2016
CharityStars Raises Over €200,000 To Support Italian Earthquake Victims

On August 24th 2016, a strong earthquake hit Central Italy, killing hundreds of people and destroying entire villages.  The news was especially devastating to those of us in the Milan office.

Like the rest of Italy that day, we spent hours trying to get in touch with friends and relatives in the affected areas. As we watched the news coming in, we wished there was some way we could help.

But at CharityStars, we realized there was something we could do. We immediately reached out to celebrities and created a campaign supporting the victims. The response was amazing. Dozens of celebrities, athletes, and singers joined the initiative, auctioning experiences to support the cause. 

We worked relentlessly for weeks to make it possible, driven by our desire to help those people who lost everything. 

Thanks to the campaign, we raised over €200,000 to support the earthquake victims in Italy. We are currently still hosting CharityStars auctions that directly benefit Italian earthquake victims. 

This is what we love about our work: every day we have chance to help someone in need, and when we go home after a long day in the office, we know that we did something good.