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The Prize

Win this special T-Shirt celebrating the Spanish champion Joan Mir Mayrata from the Leopard Natural Team for his victory at the 2017 World Moto3. Mir wore this shirt for his triumphal lap at Phillip Island.

Born in Palma di Maiorca on September 1, 1997, the young racer Joan Mir claimed victory at the Phillip Island Circuit on October 22, 2017. He became the Moto3 Champion two races ahead of the game. 

This truly unique shirt was specially made to celebrate his amazing victory at the World Moto3 race.

But that's not all! Joan will autograph the T-shirt with a special dedication to the winner of this auction.


  • White celebratory T-shirt with dedication
  • Sponsored by Leopard

The Cause

Fondazione Marco Simoncelli is a nonprofit organization for social purposes: its goals are exclusively humanistic and moral. It was established in Marco's honor by his family to keep alive the devotion to solidarity and the attention towards the weakest members of society that the SuperSic always supported during his career.

The foundation supports and sponsors cooperation and solidarity projects that aid the less fortunate, even directly intervening, when necessary, in situations of need and difficulty.

The foundation's fundamental values leading their work on both the national and international front are the moral qualities that Marco Simoncelli was always an example of: moral integrity in all aspects of public and private life; loyalty and correctness in sporting competitions; ideals of brotherhood and help towards the less fortunate; family as the cornerstone of culture; and respect towards all cultures and identities.

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  • In condition as donated.
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