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Baby Connection

7 x 5 x 12 cm.

Nylon powder, bronze.

Federico Clapis (born on April 4, 1987 in Milan) is an Italian artist, sculptor and performer. He became famous thanks to a unique strategy to promote his paintings. For five years he worked “undercover,” producing viral video comedies, accumulating millions of fans and views.

In September 2015, after writing and starring in a film, he announced his retirement from the entertainment world and transformed his online presence into a powerful instrument to promote his canvas artworks that had previously been hidden. He revealed his true nature, and the digital public responded with even greater enthusiasm, making him one of the most influential artists on social media to date.

"Actor on Canvas" is the name of his latest series, in which his accumulations techniques harness the most advanced 3D scanning and printing technologies, allowing him to represent himself in 360 degrees within his own paintings and become the interpreter of those characteristically poetic, minimal images. From accumulations to sculptures and video art, he expresses himself openly and unequivocally and has declared the world of art as his only possible home.

Recommended by Corriere Della Sera in 2016 as one of the 200 artists to invest in, on January 26 he exhibited alongside Francis Bacon at the presentation of "Works on Paper" by Francis Bacon.

In November 2017, he created several wall installations inside the City of God, one of the most talked about Favelas in Rio De Janeiro for the WordSaveWorld art and social redevelopment project.

The Cause

The Fondazione Giuliano e Maria Carmen Magnoni was founded in 2004 in Milan by the Magnoni family to continue the values of their parents, Giuliano and Maria Carmen. Through the foundation, they have made their commitment to improving the quality of life of individuals and the community a reality.

The Fondazione Magnoni's goals are to help disadvantaged youth through entrepreneurial initiatives. With its vast experience in the business world, the foundation acts as an incubator for social enterprises, either directly managing and/or sustaining the start-ups of such initiatives characterized by: economic sustainability—the ability to make themselves self-sufficient in the medium term; replicability—the ability to model the initiatives and multiply them throughout the country and abroad; measurability—the ability to quantify the impact generated from social and economic points of view.

Pursuing its objective of being a social enterprise incubator, it assists in the start-up and consolidation phase of the projects, making them economically self-sustaining and gradually reducing its managerial and financial support. In 2008, it invested heavily in Oltre Venture Capital Sociale—the first Italian social venture capital company.

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