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Experience the hair-raising thrills of a sports driving course and learn to handle a first-class vehicle like a pro with Rossocorsa. Rossocorsa Racing is a racing division of the Ferrari and Maserati dealerships, and they are pleased to offer a driving course in a Ferrari car for your undoubted enjoyment. This exclusive experience is geared towards training for sports driving, and participants will have the opportunity to learn sport driving techniques and improve their own driving performance. Don’t let this exciting opportunity pass you by.

Corso di guida sportiva Rossocorsa in Ferrari. Rossocorsa Racing, divisione Corse della Concessionaria Ferrari e Maserati, ha il piacere di presentare un corso di Guida Sportiva su una vettura Ferrari. Esperienza esclusiva dedicata alla formazione alla guida sportiva, dove i partecipanti avranno la possibilità di imparare le tecniche di guida sportiva, migliorando le proprie prestazioni.



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Founded in 2007, the Novak Djokovic Foundation is a global organization that champions and invests in early childhood education with a focus on Serbia, a country where only one in two children has access to preschool education. It was founded on the belief that early education can transform the lives of children as well as entire communities. This is achieved by creating best-in-class programs and learning environments in Serbia where more than 600 teachers have received training. The Foundation has built or repurposed 18 schools and helped over 10,000 children to date.

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