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Precious, contemporary and at the same time imbued with the goldsmith tradition. These  gold and lapis lazuli cufflinks are produced by  Ansuini, one of the oldest and most famous jewelers in Rome, Italy (year of foundation 1860).

The Ansuini goldsmith tradition started at the beginning of the 19th century with Giovanni, son of the administrator of the Duke Caetani lands in Tuscia, a region north of Rome.

Giovanni's father found, by chance, some Etruscan furnishings and jewels of precious workmanship, and took care of their recovery with such great skill that the Duke decided to entrust him with the management of all excavations in the Tuscia region.

The family's sixth generation is represented by Nicola Ansuini, Giuliano's son. Nicola entered the business in 2013 and heis challenged with creating new markets using technology to portray Ansuini's uniqueness where tradition, style and art come together in perfect harmony.

Ansuini jewels are still totally handmade with the highest quality stones. The style has a contemporary feel but with an eye on tradition.

These are elegant and refined pieces that make a unique gift with ta touch of originality in shapes and color combinations. This is the chance to give a gift that lasts, to show how much you care.




The Cause

LaSpes is a non-profit association that finances scholarships for young researchers. 100% of the money raised is devolved to the cause. The association was set up in memory of Francesco, a young man suffering from WAS, one of many rare genetic diseases.

WAS (Wiskott Aldrich Syndrom) is characterized by an immune deficiency belonging to the large category of primitive immunodeficiencies. It begins in childhood with eczema and recurrent infections, coagulation disorders and abnormalities in the number and function of platelets.

Understanding whether a child is affected by WAS means being able to intervene immediately: this is why early diagnosis is essential.

LaSpes therefore supports research that is not carried out by pharmaceutical companies. It focuses on young people and the future of science in the hope of give those affected by WAS and other rare diseases the longest possible future.

Italian actor and director Alessandro Preziosi is ambassador for the association.

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