Andrea Dovizioso’s race-suit worn at Indianapolis

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The jumpsuit worn by Andrea Dovizioso for the Indianapolis MotoGP on Augyst 10th 2014, autographed by Andrea himself and Valentino Rossi!

During the first laps of the race there was a jostle between Andrea Dovizioso and Valentino Rossi, because he surpassed Andrea a little too aggressively, and the wheel of the bike left a mark on the jumpsuit! Valentino immediately apologized and Andrea passed it off as a simple moment of contact during the race.

His statements following the heated race

“I can’t complain about the first fifteen laps” says the Forli racer “the first six were even exciting I was in front of Vale at some points, although I think that he wasn’t pushing his limits at that time, but I couldn’t overtake him because if I did we would’ve touched, however the Yamaha is able complete better curves. We would’ve touched. No, more like: I would’ve been in him”.

He did it in his place…

"Yes, first I felt a hit on my left knee, then the pressure continued on my thigh, until the point where the wheel reached my shoulder. You can say I kept him on the track, but I don’t want polemics: it was a simple contact during the race. I haven’t spoken to Valentino yet, but Ive been told he apoligized on TV”.



Andrea Dovizioso is auctioning this jersey in support of Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo.

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