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The Prize

The auction winner will take home a made-to-measure personalizable pure linen tablecloth from "Progetto Linea Adele".

Linen and cotton combine with seasonal colors to create a table collection characterized by light backgrounds decorated with colored edges in various patterns. Discerning customers often choose plain-colored cottons embellished with original designs or let the refined weave speak for itself. The "Linea Adele" tablecloths are unique pieces thanks to the high quality linen and cotton used, combined with different fabrics and colors, to produce pieces that are the result of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The project stems from the commitment and desire to create a network of solidarity that can support the most vulnerable categories in the city of Milan.

The Francesco Realmonte Onlus Association, in collaboration with the Cologni Foundation of the Art Professions, decided to launch "Linea Adele".

This sartorial project offers a rewarding professional and work opportunity to a group of young political refugees who are integrating into society, allowing them to tap into skills and talents from their past.

The work experience is carried out in a controlled environment in which the refugees feel welcomed and supported, helping them to understand the Italian world of work through the production and development of "Linea Adele": linens and accessories for the home and daily life, produced in the name of ethical and socially-committed design.



The Cause

Associazione Francesco Realmonte Onlus was founded in 2009 in collaboration with the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan with the aim of promoting values ​​of solidarity and equality, with particular attention to the right to study and training.

We believe that the individual has the strength to overcome difficulties by finding to his/her own inner and outer resources. This skill is called resilience.

Along with physical rehabilitation and the satisfaction of basic needs, we believe it is essential to work on rebuilding the social fabric and people's everyday lives within their communities in order to nurture conditions of psychological and emotional well-being.

Through training courses and laboratories prepared by RIRES, the Catholic University Resilience Research Center, we lead the individual on a journey of resilience in order to transform pain into a new starting point.

We carry out international cooperation projects in developing countries and operate in the Milan area with listening, reception and training projects for young political refugees and victims of forced migration.


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