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Take home the best of Italian elegance with this splendid XVII century pestle and mortar featuring dolphin grips, cherubs and arabesques decorations. On one side there is an insignia with a double cross terminating in an arrow point facing upwards and framed by the letters CC. On the other side there is the inscription: "ANNO DNI/ 1644".

This limited edition item was made by Master smelters and is the exact copy, both for its shape and decoration, of the original piece stored at the Aboca Museum.

The Aboca project aims at exploring the deep bond between man and nature, thus including the recovery and revival of ancient artisanal skills and techniques. For this reason, today’s item production is still entrusted to the care of expert workers who are able to employ such tradition methods which made Italy famous throughout the world.

19,3 cm

24,5 cm/16 cm

Additional details:
Made in Italy by the artistic foundry Il Cesello, Florence. Each item comes with a warranty certificate. 

The Cause

Flying Angels supports families, doctors, institutions and charities by buying sick kids flight tickes to reach hospitals to be cured. Moreover, they also buy tickets for the doctors that need to help kids and teens in their countries.


Flying Angels aims to be a connecting point between those who need urgent medical support and people who can help them. 


By buying flight tickets, they ensure that kids and teens can have prompt medical support in a suitable hospital. 


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  • In condition as donated.
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