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The Prize

Primavera necklace by Le Perle di Caltagirone. Length 90 cm.

Made in gold and ceramics, this is a special accessort that you can wear every day. 
Unique and stylish. Jewelry “Le Perle di Caltagirone” radiates the beauty of Sicilian art through the shapes, colors and the shine of silver. The enchanting charm of the past meets modern elegance. For a woman who wishes to reclaim her time.

When a woman wears “Le Perle di Caltagirone” jewelery she is expressing the height of her creativity and individuality.

The Cause

Arché Onlus began in 1991 in Milan by Father Giuseppe Bettoni to take care of the children and families affected by AIDS. Today we are responding to a new situation of suffering in which the minor is the protagonist of social discomfort and a disease.

The Arché objective is to promote the wellbeing of the minor and the other members of his family, avoiding that no one else is reduced to his issues, his disease and his error. We work with the services and institutions of the area that are involved. With them we project out interventions in Italy and abroad. Our projects are currently active in Milan, Rome, Kisii (Kenya) and Chikuni (Zambia).

Through the commitment of workers and volunteers we favor healing for the most fragile family ties and a development of a cohesive and mature community. We believe that a single persons action can contribute to the realization of an active and caring population.

Through the help of workers and volunteers, we are effective in the following ambits:

Welcoming we take into protection children and mothers sent by Social Services in particular conditions of unease to help save the compromised family relationships and assist mothers and children to become autonomous

Supporting the Family we respond to the need of minors and the families that are considered vulnerable due to social or psychological unease. We support the integration of the foreign families valuing the richness of diversity through discovery and coordination of self guided help groups. We promote the access to education for AIDS orphans.


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  • In condition as donated.
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