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€ 9,545.00

Among the various activities that we have planned for the biennium 2017/18, there is the Pet Therapy, for children and people with disabilities, but also for adults or older people who want to find an inner balance.

The therapeutic value of the relationship with animals friends is now recognized by the science. The Alchemist a no-profit Association of Social Promotion and Culture, believes that, especially cats and rodents can allow children and adults with difficulties temporary or chronic social relationship, to improve their quality of life and to be able to regain their inner balance, in order to better address the everyday life or health.

We are only at the beginning, in the most delicate phase: to raise funds through events, public auctions and more, in order to operate on the territory of Pescara. We very believe in this project and we also believe that the Pet Therapy should be accessible free of charge.

For this reason we chose as a platform for public auctions, aware of their great professionalism and ability to ensure transparency.

When you participate in an auction on you are a part of the creation of the Project Pet Therapy, and for this we are deeply grateful to you.

The various steps of the project, will be published on  with the utmost transparency.

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