Child Priority

The Child Priority Foundation came about through Condè Nast International. The principal behind the foundation is that knowledge means richness and dignity, however not everyone has access to this privilege.  It’s a non-profit organizationand it helps those less fortunate who display talent and artistic potential and it offers a real opportunity to study. The Foundation works hand in hand with institutions on the National and International scene. It’s an ambitious project, and up until now all its expertise was used in creating a world of wealth but now it’s committed to raising funds and sponsorships in order to share opportunities.

Founding Members: Jonathan Newhouse; Giampaolo Grandi; Franca Sozzani.

Supported Initiatives

OrphanAid Africa a non-profit organization that supports and develops self-sufficient and independent orphanages in Ghana, Africa. This is done through educational programs, technological and agricultural development and nutritional and health projects;

Fabbrica del Talento conceived and run by the Cattolica University as a project of the Child Priority Scientific Committee;

Jordan River Foundation a non-profit organization requested by the Queen of Jordan RANIA AL ABDULLAH in favor of poor Jordanian children.