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What our stars say

Liverpool FC Liverpool FC

All proceeds generated from the global raffle will be donated to the Liverpool FC Foundation. #CharityStars

Fatboy Slim Fatboy Slim
FATBOY SLIM - @@fatboyslim

I'm playing Coliseum Brighton in December raising money for Coaching for Hope. #CharityStars

A.C. Milan A.C. Milan

On CharityStars you'll find Menez's signed jersey, worn during #MilanParrma. Joijn the auction, help #FondazioneMilan

James Blunt James Blunt
JAMES BLUNT - @jamesblunt

Charity auction to support Medicines sans Frontiers. Make your bid and join me backstage with #CharityStars


Selected by the University of Berkeley as one of the 20 startups with greater social impact in the world

For supporting the development of entrepreneurial projects in the social innovation field.

Selected as one of the 5 best Italian social enterprises on over 900 projects candidates

Winners of the most important competition for Italian digital and biomedical startups



This website's winning idea is to auction celebrity experiences and give the money raised to a good cause.

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An innovative idea, that fulfills dreams while doing good. Boom of the Italian startups that support NGOs.

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Venerdì di Repubblica

Welfare cuts and a shortage in donations lead to new strategies for fundraising, and CharityStars offers one of the most innovative.

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CharityStars' fundraising, ambassador of the Made in Italy, in California.

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