War Child Emergency Coronavirus Crowdfunder

Total raised $214,235.66

Children in conflict zones now face a danger as deadly as the bombs and bullets they have survived. Coronavirus. It is not just a health crisis. With schools shut and families pushed further into poverty by lockdown and recession, children living in conflict zones are more at risk than ever from child labour and recruitment into armed groups. The impact of the virus on families has meant many have lost their incomes.

Our teams on the frontline are working tirelessly to protect vulnerable children from the impact of Coronavirus. As Coronavirus makes our operating environment even more challenging, we are committed to finding solutions that continue to put children’s needs at the heart of everything we do.

The Emergency Coronavirus Crowdfunder is raising crucial funds for children facing Coronavirus in war zones, by selling a variety of exclusive items and experiences which have been donated by supporters and friends across the arts and creative industries.


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