Peter Jones Foundation 10 for 10 Fundraiser

We’re living in uncertain times and the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the life of every young person in the country.  Unfortunately, there will be lasting damage to livelihoods for years to come and the longer-term economic and social damage is likely to hit young people disproportionately.

Today, our young people must be more enterprising to succeed in a world of fast-changing jobs and skills needs, as well as developing the skills to navigate the most precarious jobs market in a generation.

At the Peter Jones Foundation we’re committed to investing in our young people by equipping them with enterprise skills and giving them the opportunity to succeed by helping them to help themselves. And this is your chance to get behind them too by taking part in our exciting virtual fundraiser, with all funds raised going towards the Peter Jones Foundation’s work.

There’s lots of fantastic prizes up for grabs, including our star prize – an exclusive 10-minute video call with our founder, entrepreneur and well-known business investor Peter Jones CBE.  So please do take a look at the prizes on offer, buy your ticket(s), make a bid(s) and know that your generosity is helping to support our young people at what is such a crucial time for them.

Take a look HERE to see how even the smallest donation will make a big difference.

Good luck and thanks so much!