La Via dell’Ascolto - Tomatis per Tutti

This pilot project, promoted by DSA Multispecialistic Center, is carried out in collaboration with the Fondazione Ospedale Salesi in Ancona and foresees the involvement of 15 epileptic, drug-resistant children, currently being treated at the Salesi Pediatric Hospital of Ancona and to whom the protocol will be administered. Tomatis.

The Tomatis Method is non-invasive, it does not use drugs, it is based on listening to music. The individually programmed sound stimulations reach the person, both by air and by bone, using special acoustic equipment. They produce an energetic rebalancing of the entire neural system, central and peripheral.

The whole family unit will be involved. The charity auction is aimed at financially supporting families. At the end of the two years of work, the results will be made public and shared.