Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas Judging Your Virtual Bake-off with Friends!

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The Prize

Fancy having Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas from The Great British Bake Off judge your baking skills? The lucky winner of this incredible prize will organise their very own bake-off with friends via Zoom and Matt and Noel will join for 20 minutes at the end to judge your skills and crown the winner!


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The very thought

Julia Goldsmith 1 year ago

Thank you for providing some wholesomeness and joy in these bleak times. Love watching Bakeoff.

Rick Theroux1 year ago

My Wife would love this! I’d “secretly” love a Mighty Boosh/Shooting Stars love-in!

Chris Pattison1 year ago

Ok, so someone who doesn't eat cake and someone who eats all the cake, neither of whom are chefs, judging cake they can't touch smell or taste at a stupid time of day. Yep, sounds fine. Sure. Go on then.

Scarlett Patrick1 year ago

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