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The Prize

From Spice Girl legend to solo superstar and Heart Presenter, Emma Bunton's list of achievements almost seems never ending. If you 'Wannabe' the talk of the town this Christmas, this could be your chance to win a personalised message from none other than Baby Spice herself!


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Hi Emma hope you are ok have a great Christmas and new year best wishes stay safe Andrew xx

Anonymous3 years ago

Hi Emma, Me & my husband Sam meet because of the Spice Girls, we are such HUGE fans and we truly have so much to thank u all for, u girls have shaped our lives for the past 25 years and given us both a future in each other so from the bottom of our hearts we want to thank u and we love u so much! xxx

Craig & Sam Rogers-Bennett3 years ago

Hi Emma (Some of us fans know you as Flawless Spice BTW). This is a very good campaign! Thanks for helping with a good cause. Let me tell you I loved your Christmass show last year at the Royal Albert Hall (and also the reunion with the other girls during the SW tour) Love a positivity from Uruguay ♡

Mariano Llavallol3 years ago

I am your biggest Fan Emma. Thank you so much for all your music, it helped me so many times throughout my life. Keep up the good work! Lots of love

Simon Grick3 years ago

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