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The Prize

Get ready to ride. 

Score a Peloton BIKE+ Family Package complete with an Apple Series 6 watch and a Theragun Elite for those soon-to-be-tired muscles! Bring the competition of studio cycling to your home when you strap in and get ready to rock out to the ride of your choice. 

Work your body and your mind with streaming daily live classes from Peloton's NYC studio including cardio, strength, stretching and yoga.

Want more? 

Your Pelton BIKE+ comes with a 12-month limited warranty + delivery and assembly, 2 pairs of shoes, 1 set of bike weights, 2 pairs of headphones, 2 heart rate monitors a bike mat and 2 water bottles. Sync your Apple Series 6 watch directly to your activity feed for full visibility into your heart rate, calories, and more. 

Endless classes. Inspiring instructors. The best play lists.

Your hardest decision will be which to pick... and where to set up your home cycling studio.

This sweepstakes is not endorsed or sponsored in any way with Peloton, Apple, Theragun, or their affiliates.


The Cause

City of Hope is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people with cancer, diabetes and other serious illnesses. Our mission is to transform the future of health care by turning science into a practical benefit, hope into reality. We accomplish this by providing outstanding care, conducting innovative research and offering vital education programs focused on eliminating these diseases.

The City of Hope community includes research associates, scientists, doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, graduate students, fundraising specialists, marketing professionals, volunteers and an extensive support staff.

We are united by our desire to find cures, save lives and transform the future of health. Every discovery we make and every new treatment we create gives people the chance to live longer, better and more fully.


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Anonymous 2 months ago

Thank you for all you do!

Melanie Deal 2 months ago

Let's stomp out these diseases!

Jane Bleich 3 months ago

Anyway to help others is always a good thing!