The Prize


On May 21, I will celebrate my farewell to football with a final game. It will be an occasion to share a special evening with lifelong companions, friends and supporters, having fun together!

The kick-off will be at 8.30 pm. 

I want to invite one of my supporters, and his or her guest, to attend the match from the best seats of the Giuseppe Meazza stadium of Milan, placed at the First Red Tier (Sector F). I am happy to meet them to take a selfie together, which I will personally post on my Instagram Stories! 

The lucky winner will also get my match-worn shirt prepared for the final match of my career, which I will personally sign with a special and customized inscription. But it doesn’t end there as I will give both winners my biography and the limited-edition shirt issued for the event.


To enter the sweepstake, you only need to give a small donation to support the amazing efforts of the Vialli and Mauro Foundation and Il volo di Pietro Onlus. Donations start at 5 euros, but if you donate more you have the chance to win exclusive mementos and experiences. They are described below.

I really look forward to meeting you!

I promise you will have an unforgettable evening!

Heartfelt thanks for your support,


The Cause

The charities associated with Andrea Pirlo's farewell to football game are: Il volo di Pietro O.N.L.U.S. and the Vialli and Mauro Onlus Foundation for Research and Sports.

The Vialli and Mauro Onlus Foundation was established in Turin, in 2003. At the heart of its activities are the love for life and the desire to act decisively and with transparency while maintaining a strong relationship to the scientific research and therapeutic approaches against cancer and ALS. The funds raised on this occassion will go toward the creation of the new Nemo Clinical Centre in Brescia, aimed at caring for those affected by neuromuscular diseases.

The association Il volo di Pietro O.N.L.U.S. was the brainchild of Pietro's parents, friends and family, after Pietro prematurely died on June 29, 2016 when he was just 33 months old. Pietro was a cheerful and caring child. The main purpose of the organization is to keep his memory alive and, in doing so, help other children who are in need. The association, being inspired by the principles of human solidarity, pursues the following goals: the development of charitable activities in favor of children and adolescents who are abandoned, deprived, poor, sick or in need of medical care.


Make a donation and receive entries to win the grand prize.
Donate more and you’ll also earn exclusive rewards. Choose the amount below!
2 Entries
Donate €10 ($11)
Thank You Video
3 Entries+

Thank You Video

Get a video from Pirlo thanking you for your donation!

Donate €15 ($17)
Andrea Pirlo's Signed Biography
9 Entries+

Andrea Pirlo's Signed Biography

Get Pirlo's biography "Penso quindi Gioco" signed by the legend!

Donate €45 ($50)
Pirlo's Signed and Personalized Biography
16 Entries+

Pirlo's Signed and Personalized Biography

Get Andrea Pirlo's biography "Penso quindi Gioco," signed and personalized by Andrea!

Donate €80 ($89)
Two Tickets to the Match on May 21 and the Commemorative T-shirt
20 Entries+

Two Tickets to the Match on May 21 and the Commemorative T-shirt

Get two tickets to Andrea Pirlo's farewell match, to be held at San Siro on May 21 (First Orange Tier, Sector 165). You will also receive the personalised T-shirt of the event! Men’s T-Shirt L

Donate €100 ($111)
Personalized and Signed Commemorative T-Shirt
30 Entries+

Personalized and Signed Commemorative T-Shirt

Get the commemorative T-shirt specially made to celebrate Andrea Pirlo's farewell to the football game! Pirlo will sign and personalize the shirt with a special inscription. Men's T-shirt L

Donate €150 ($167)
Magnum Limited-Edition Pratum Coller
40 Entries+

Magnum Limited-Edition Pratum Coller

Get a Magnum limited-edition Pratum Coller, Andrea Pirlo’s winery, which has made a special bottle to celebrate the event. (Note EU only, must be at least 18 years old)

Donate €200 ($222)

Want to make a custom donation?

You'll be entered to win without rewards.

€5, €10, €15, €20...


You'll get a chance to leave a message once you've donated.
Melanie Coppola 1 year ago

Fantastica iniziativa. Un campione e un esempio dentro e fuori dal campo!

Daniel Ward 1 year ago

Grazie Mille my idol and hero. Watching you play has been one of the best privileges that you could have given to any fan!

lorenzo brera 1 year ago

Grazie per tutto quello che hai dato al calcio italiano!!!

Federica Bertoli 1 year ago

Grande Maestro! Ci vediamo a San Siro!

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