20 Minute Zoom Call With Lena Headey

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A 20 minute Zoom call with the one and only Lena Headey, AKA Cersie Lanister. Winter might be coming, but prizes don’t get much hotter than this!

"I've been supporting Choose Love for years and I'm so happy to have the chance to support them this winter and also to get to have a lovely chat with one of you! It's very tough in the places where Choose Love work over the cold months so do grab as many raffle tickets as you can afford. Your funds will be spent providing emergency relief for the people who need it most. And the more tickets you get the better your chances of winning!"

Lena Headey


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Found out about Choose Love because of your posts. Thank you so much for using your platform for good!

Remy Campbell1 year ago

Another little push for choose love..Lena I wish you a lovely day with lots of laughter

Birgit Allenstein1 year ago

Hi Lena! I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas. It’s a pleasure to donate to such a worthwhile charity in your honour. I am a HUGE fan of your work and admire your versatility. Like many, I love Cersei Lannister , but I think my favourite of all your roles is probably Cathy Jones in Gossip, closely followed by Queen Gorgo. I also have so much respect for you for being open and candid about anxiety and mental health before it was largely acceptable to do so. You’re an inspiration to me and I wish you every success and happiness. Also I agree with you that pineapple on pizza is vile and love the ‘friends in real life’ photos you post with ‘Septa U’. I hope to speak with you soon!

Non Humphries1 year ago

Thank you for doing this :)

Anonymous1 year ago

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