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We’re living in uncertain times and the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the life of every young person in the country.  Unfortunately, there will be lasting damage to livelihoods for years to come and the longer-term economic and social damage is likely to hit young people disproportionately.

Today, our young people must be more enterprising to succeed in a world of fast-changing jobs and skills needs, as well as developing the skills to navigate the most precarious jobs market in a generation.

At the Peter Jones Foundation we’re committed to investing in our young people by equipping them with enterprise skills and giving them the opportunity to succeed by helping them to help themselves. And this is your chance to get behind them too by taking part in our exciting virtual fundraiser, with all funds raised going towards the Peter Jones Foundation’s work.

£50 – will fund a place for a young person to attend our annual enterprise festival, EntFest.  The one-day festival brings together students, emerging and established entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors and innovators to network, learn and champion enterprise in all its forms.

£200 – will provide a school team in our Tycoon Competition with a goodwill loan to help them establish and grow their first business  

£500 – will support the finalists of our National Entrepreneur of the Year competition in preparing themselves and their business presentations; ensuring they are fully prepared to confidently pitch their business idea to Peter Jones CBE, and be in with a chance to win £5000

£2000 - will give around 20 disadvantaged young people access to a business/enterprise qualification, by part-funding a Peter Jones Enterprise Academy for a year

Thanks so much!

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