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Alta Moda Wanda dress

Size 42



The proceeds from this auction will support Anlaids


Conditions: The auction winner will be notified via email and will receive their item within 15 working days of payment being received. Need more information? Email enquiries@charitystars.com or ring us on 0203 301 5800.

The Cause

Anlaids is the first and the biggest association in Italy in stopping the HIV infection. It was founded in 1985 by a group of doctors, researchers, journalists, activists and volunteers who felt the need to create "a web".

Today Anlaids' main goal, as in the past, along with the collaboration of an international community is: 

•  zero new HIV infections 

•  zero deaths from AIDS

•  zero discrimination

In order to carry out these goals, Anlaids concentrates its efforts in 4 categories:

•  information: it is necessary to share updated scientific, social and health information in order to identify the most efficient strategies;

•  prevention: everybody, especially young people should have the adequate tools and knowledge in order to avoid contracting the HIV virus;

•  research: by improving scientific and social knowledge regarding HIV and AIDS, this helps people with HIV live better and is also an important tool in reducing the infection;  

•  Protect rights: success cannot be reached in stopping the HIV virus without respecting human beings and their fundamental rights.


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