Willow "Onde" enamel on canvas - 80x80 cm

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Enamel on canvas. Year 2015. Signed, with title and year on the back. Certificate of authenticity. 

Prominent artist of the Italian Pop Art , Filippo Bruno , aka Willow, graduated at the School of Comics and Illustration in Milan in 2000 , starting a great career , through a special and colorful artistic language , with colors and typical shapes of comics, trying to express life in today's problematic society. Under the name Willow, he realizes paintings, drawings and murals , which he exhibits in several galleries in Italy and art fairs around the world, from Milan to Miami from Montreal to Sydney, working with publishing houses, advertising agencies and companies, which leads him to conquer the third dimension with real custom objects, the union of art and design.

To visit the artist's website :  www.willow-artblog.com

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/Willow-105172990705/

This auction has been made available by the artist. 40% of the total auction price will be donated to WWF Italy.

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