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Aggiudicati il cappellino ufficiale Wearetennis.com autografato dai campioni Roger Federer e Rafael Nadal, rispettivamente numero 3 e numero 4 del ranking ATP mondiale.

Roger e Rafael hanno autografato il cappellino in occasione degli Internazionali BNL d'Italia 2016, torneo di tennis giocato su campi in terra battuta. Tutti gli incontri si sono giocati al Foro Italico, a Roma in Italia, dal 9 al 15 maggio 2016.

Punta ora e sostieni il progetto benefico di Fondazione Telethon.

Condizioni: L'aggiudicatario verrà avvisato tramite email e riceverà l'oggetto entro 14 giorni dalla chiusura dell'asta. Hai dubbi? Scrivi a info@charitystars.com o chiamaci allo 02 49762138.

Live a Dream, Make a Change

The Cause

Since 1990, we have been investing in the best research to find cures for rare genetic diseases. Because these diseases are so rare, often times there is no research being done on them, never mind therapeutic options or a cure.

We want to change this state of affairs because we believe that every person is worth fighting for.

We focus on transforming the results of excellent scientific research projects, selected and supported over time, into accessible treatments.

Finding a cure is not the final destination but a new starting point. We have to make every possible effort to guarantee that successful forms of treatment discovered through the research funded by Telethon are then made available to all patients.

For this reason we also work to develop partnerships with public health care institutions and pharmaceutical companies, so that the results of our research will translate to treatment and medicine accessible to all patients worldwide.

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