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The Prize

One Sporting World is an athlete purpose movement generating funds for good causes. The project is supported by numerous GB Cyclists and their Olympic counterparts across the globe. For the keen cyclists in your world, I am sure lockdown has seen them do a virtual ride with professional avatars, usually as part of a 1000 strong peloton. This time you get to chat to them as part of a VIP exclusive 25 person peloton.

You will fire up your video stream to meet at the cyclists home training lab, warm up together over group introductions. Here, you’ll learn about each other’s favourite rides, tours, courses, and neighbourhoods!

Over the next hour, the cyclist will take you on a journey that weaves their life story and lessons learned from sport through their favourite rides around the world. In this virtual journey, each location will be its own marquee ride. In the beginning, the cyclist will take 5-10 minutes to share some photos from their experience and talk logistics—like what makes each course challenging.

Then, you’ll have a 3-5 minute interval training session relating to the specifics of the course. You’ll wrap everything up with some rest and time for questions. Throughout, you'll get an inside feel for strategies and an understanding of how they led to success at each destination.

In the final ten minutes, as you cool down on the bike, the cyclist will answer any questions about their training, journey as an Olympian, kit, or their goals for the next year. Don't be shy!
As you wrap up, the cyclist will give you an up-close and personal look at their jerseys and medals.


  • 60 minutes; Individual.
  • You will be given dates and Olympian to choose from
  • Guests should have an indoor bicycle with the ability to watch a screen that has access to the internet.

The Cause

Ava Helene Atkinson was born on May 26, 2014, but because she was born so early, she experienced many health issues.

Ava was moved to the neo-natal unit where she was put on a ventilator to help her breathe. Hours later, Ava’s condition had not improved, and after discussions with the consultant it was decided that due to the severity of the health issues she had, we as parents had to make the most devastating decision of our lives, together with the care team, to withdraw treatment. Minutes after coming off the ventilator Ava passed away peacefully with her family around her.

Whilst at the hospital we were given a keepsake box in which we were able to have memories of Ava. These precious memories are there for us to look at and cherish. Her keepsake box has brought comfort to us all, so much so that we have decided we would like to put together our own memory boxes for other parents who have suffered the loss of a child.

We have decided to make these keepsake boxes ourselves and hope that these boxes will be looked at for years to come.

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  • Cannot be transferred.
  • To be scheduled at a mutually agreeable date.
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