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The Prize

Metal print, with resin, sparkle dust and Swarovski crystals. 

The dimensions are 100x150 cm.

Gabriela Herma is a Polish fine art photographer based in London, represented by the prestigious Le Dame Art Gallery. Her work is inspired by her surroundings and led by her initial emotional response. Each photograph conceals a deeper meaning that the artist invites her viewers to explore.

Herma’s pictures are printed onto metal or resin and later worked on by hand with mixed materials such as Swarovski crystals, sparkle dust glitter and bits of broken glass. Her photographs freeze moments of emotion, which are brought to life by layering resin and reflective elements. This process injects a vitality and tangibility that invites us to step into the scene.
"Violet" is the depiction of passion for the artist. It is indeed the color symbolizing this feeling that Herma presents on a black background—black representing the darkness of the night. Passion is as fragile as a flower, even being so beautiful. Without the right nourishment, it can wither very easily.

The Cause

Around the world, women hold the key to overcoming poverty and making change happen for themselves. The potential of women to transform their lives is unlimited – if they are given the opportunity to shine. This is what drives The Circle forward and powers their passion for a more just and equal world.

The Circle's mission is to inspire and connect women to harness their skills, creativity and influence, thereby becoming catalysts of change in order to transform the challenges and injustices faced by the most disempowered women and girls in the world.

The values that underlie The Circle's beliefs and guide what they do and how they do it are:

Empowerment: They believe that empowered women and girls can make a positive difference not only to their own lives, but also those of the wider community.

Passion: They express their passion for the rights of women and girls through their communications and activities.

Innovation: They work in innovative ways to create and generate effective action.

Respect and Equality: They respect the right to hold and express different viewpoints, embracing the belief that everyone has a valid contribution to make.

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