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La Grola, Veronese IGT Limited Edition Hiroyuki Masuyama 1500 ml 2016.

Thirty years have passed since the bottle n.1 of La Grola. The first vintage of this great wine was released in 1983 and marked the cultural and oenological revival of the Valpolicella.

As a tribute to the unique features of La Grola, Allegrini came up with the idea of creating a gallery of artists’ labels. The series began with the 2010 Limited Edition artwork by Milo Manara, continued in 2011 with the label created by Arthur Duff and in 2012 with the painting by Athos Faccincani. With the kind permission of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, La Grola 2013 bears Composition VI by Wassily Kandinsky, coinciding with the 150th anniversary of the artist’s birth. From Russia, La Grola took off for Brazil and Nazareno Rodrigues Alves who, with his marvellous drawings, succeeded in highlighting the presence of the multitude of variegated wildlife that inhabits the Family’s vineyards. We returned to Italy for vintage 2015 with Leonardo Ulian, inspired by James Frazer’s Golden Bough, while this year we turn to the great Japanese artist: Hiroyuki Masuyama. Via a highly-innovative process, the Limited Edition of La Grola is the fascinating synthesis of 'overlapping images' of one of Valpolicella Classica’s iconic vineyards.

Alcohol: 14,40 % Vol.

This Magnum belongs to a limited edition of 3000 pieces.

The Cause

The Corporation has been working since 2008 in favor of the child population in a situation of vulnerability and high social risk within the Comuna 13 of Medellin, doing prevention work and re-socialization through sport to guarantee a good physical, mental, social and spiritual training that allows the children a good formation of personality, character and values, so as to distance them from armed groups, from drugs and prostitution.

We have with us about 150 children and young people who train from Monday to Saturday at different times.

Social objective:

- generate thanks to sport a social and football impact in Comuna 13
- create positive behavior in children and young people
- to promote union and good coexistence in our children and young people with their families and community companions
- ensuring good learning and behavior

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