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The Prize

Win the digital work by the french Carine Dionisi!

Self-built digital artist, Carine works with a computer and a graphic tablet. Before choosing digital art, she studied carving and chinese calligraphy. Her work consists in manipulating, distorting and combining her own images. The most important thing to her is to get rid of any idea of a final result and never having in mind a final picture. As a chemist, she likes to discover how images can «react» to each other and how the results comes by magic. Further to participating to art exhibitions, she have been working with Editions Maïa, Paris, as illustrator for «Les contes d’Andersen.»

This artwork is a photograph of 2015 on Dibond printed by Laboratoire Voies off in Arles. Its dimensions are 30x30 cm.

To visit the artists' website : www.carinedionisi.gallery

The certificate of authenticity is provided.

This auction has been made available by the artist Carine Dionisi. 20% of the total auction price will be donated to Terre Des Hommes.

Conditions : The auction winner will be notified via email and will receive the item within 15 working days of payment being received.

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The Cause

For 50 years, Terre des Hommes has been at the forefront of protecting children all over the world from violence, abuse and exploitation; and has been working to ensure every child has access to school, informal education, medical care and food.

The organization is currently present in 69 countries, with almost 1,046 projects that support children and their families.

Terre des Hommes Italy is part of the Terre des Hommes International Federation, working in partnership with ECHO, and it is recognized by international institutions such as the European Union, United Nations, USAID and Italian Foreign Ministry.

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