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The Prize

"Paper Rolls" vase by Luciana Grazia Menegazzi.

M'I lumina, a Milan-based hand-made brand, whose mission is to create exclusive lamps and furnishings, with an high handcraft content and an absolutely original design. A M'I lumina piece of design is way more than its function or a trend, it is an iconic and evocative creation. The paper clay itself, the use of recycled paper and the organic forms, inspired by the vegetal and animal world, make the M'I lumina creations the protagonists of a refined but eco-friendly idea of interior design.

Color pink h = cm. 32, diam. cm 8.5, weight 769,00 gr

My porcelain works: an ode to nature.

M'I lumina came to life at the beginning of 2015, from the eclectic mind of Luciana Grazia Menegazzi. "Among all the media I experimented, ceramic is the one that let me express myself the most. In particular I work with porcelain Paper Clay, a mix between porcelain and paper, a real ceramic technique that allows great freedom and enabled me to find a new and personal way to express myself. All my work concerns fragility and lightness. It's a non-conceptual approach that investigates the chances of the material, leading to its extreme consequences. I also want to develop a reasoning about archetypical forms of everyday objects (vase, bowl, plate...), looking for a mimesis process that turns the nature of the object in something different."

The Cause

Today we want to lend our support to a fundraising campaign that intends to help the efforts of our heroic medical staff.  

Thanks to our long-term partners, companies and celebrities we've been able to launch the #VinciamoNoi (#WeWin) campaign to support 3 main objectives:

  1. finance the purchase of ventilators and breathing equipment;
  2. provide new beds in intensive and sub-intensive care;
  3. guarantee health care and rapid intervention of medical staff who find themselves on the front line.

This is why we've decided to combine our efforts with those of 3 major Italian companies whose commitment and dedication have made them stand out, particularly in recent weeks, and who are daily committed to dealing with the Corona Virus emergency: the Italian Red Cross, Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan and Spallanzani Hospital in Rome (National Institute of Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani) and Policlinico San Matteo in Pavia.

Given the rapidity with which today's medical emergency is evolving and the changing needs, the funds raised through this campaign may need to be allocated differently by the beneficiary organizations. In this way the funding will go directly to the areas that need it most, whilst at the same time respecting the transparency and full traceability of the funds raised through this campaign to tackle the coronavirus emergency.

The Italian Red Cross has been at the forefront since the start of the Covid-19 emergency, providing aid including emergency assistance, medical, psychological and logistical support, informing, managing and screening as well as carrying out many other crucial activities in the battle against an epidemic that is bringing the country to its knees. In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Italian Red Cross is managing the safe transport of patients to and from the relevant healthcare structures, through the use of special high-level bio-containment vehicles designed for health emergencies of this entity.

The Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan is the reference center for the coordination of activities to fight Covid-19 in Northern Italy, a region in which the first Italian outbreaks were recorded and in which researchers have managed to isolate the Italian strain of coronavirus.

Spallanzani Hospital has been managing the Covid-19 emergency from the start, hosting the very first infected patients and isolating the virus. Today INMI researchers are working on the search for a vaccine while the medical staff focuses on caring for patients hospitalized at the facility. 

The IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo Foundation is responsible for emergency management, both through the analysis of swabs and care and assistance of all patients, whilst continuing to carry out research and healthcare activities.


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